At PC Solutions, We Offer Many Services for You to Choose From.


PC  Solutions can repair your desktop or laptop computer problem no matter what operating system, brand, make, or model. We can help your Home or business with computer repair or service needs.


Troubleshooting - Are you experiencing PC or laptop problems that you can't explain?  Does your computer sound like a jet engine?  Do you have a blank screen?  We can diagnose and repair your unknown computer problems.


Maybe your computer won’t even turn on.  We’ll find out what the cause is and get you up and running quickly again. We’re happy to explain to you in simple terms that you can understand, how things work and what exactly is wrong with your computer.


Dust Cleanup - Does your computer sound like a jet engine? We clean out your computer, top to bottom, inside and out. You'll be happier with your computer's performance.


Windows Installation - Has your operating system crashed, or do you just want to restore it back to factory condition?  We can make your computer like new again.


Upgrades - Do you want to upgrade to a newer version of Windows? Upgrade memory?  Need more storage?  We can upgrade practically anything you want.   If we feel at any time it's not in your best interest to upgrade, we'll  let you know so you don't waste your time and money,  and recommend what to do next.


Hardware Installation - Have you purchased a new part for your computer but have a problem installing it?   No problem!  We'll install it for you. (printers, wireless router, monitor, external hard drive, etc.)


Software Installation - Recently get a new software title that isn't working? We can install, update, configure, and optimize your software correctly the first time.


Data Recovery & Backup

Has your operating system crashed?  Do you need to transfer your files to a different computer?   We can retrieve your important files, data, pictures, music or anything else you need.


Computer  Backup

Do you have information on your computer that you don't want to lose? (pictures, music,  documents, email, etc.)  We can setup a backup system to assure your files won't get lost or destroyed, ensuring your data is backed up regularly? 


New Computers - Are you considering a new computer for home or business?  We build many computers for basic computing needs, office production, and even gaming.   The major difference between what we build and what you can buy in a store is quality.  Every part in our computers  are hand picked, assembled, and tested,  unlike computers from out of the country built on a production line.


Virus Removal - Viruses, Trojans, Keyloggers, Rootkits, spyware, Adware…the list can read like a bad horror novel.  The fact is if you surf the Internet, chances are your computer suffers from at least one of these.  At PC Solutions we’re equipped with an arsenal of powerful tools to restore your computer to health and help prevent future infections.


Service includes: Troubleshooting and diagnostic analysis for malware infections, complete removal of any known spyware and viruses, rootkits, adware, and pop-ups. We also give tips and recommendations on how to keep your PC running securely.  We strongly suggest, sell,  and install only the highest rated antivirus software in the industry today.


Antivirus Software - Virus's, Malware, Adware, Trojans, are just some of the scary terms used today in our internet world.  Don't be a victim of these offenders that can and will destroy, steal , and sell your personal information and disable your PC. We only offer  the best rated anti-virus software available today at the lowest prices.    Don't be misled that the "free" antivirus software will fully protect you.   Give us a call to get your PC's protected now.



Computer Tutoring - Need a helping hand making sense of Windows?   Want to use your PC like a Pro?  Everyone learns differently.    Learning how to get the most out of your computer can be a rewarding experience when you start to do things the right way.  As your Computer Tutor, we'll customize your tutoring sessions to fit your learning style and speed. Microsoft Word, Excel, iTunes, whatever your software, we can help teach you how to use it and personalize the interface so it works best for you.  Even something as simple as setting up an online email account, we’ll come to you and show you step-by-step!


Networking - Do you need to setup a wireless network in your home or business?  We can install wireless equipment to meet your needs from simple to more advanced needs.


Tune-up - Is your computer running slow or frequently crashing?  Has your home page changed to something unfamiliar all of a sudden?  Using  a variety of software and techniques, we  get your PC or laptop running fast again.  We remove unnecessary programs, annoying  pop-ups,  and repair your browsers.  We also clean the dirt from your entire system which can slow your computer down or cause permanent damage.


Password Recovery - Have you forgotten your Windows login?   Are you locked out of your email or online account?  We live in a world built around passwords for everything we do online.  We can unlock and reset your Windows, email, or online accounts giving you access to your files and getting you back in your computer.

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